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Experience Comvita Tours

Looking for things to do, then why not come and experience one of our Tours.

Travel back in time to discover ancient ways of how natural plants were used then and are still to this day, to provide special health benefits that improve our quality of life.

85 million years ago New Zealand had been isolated from the rest of the world. Our forests were filled with prehistoric creatures and unique plants. Multimedia technology and fascinating exhibits take you on a journey from the past to the present and into a future of new possibilities, to improve your health and wellbeing.

Tane, the Maori God of the forest, explains how 800 years ago Maori used the many gifts of nature to achieve good health, and how his son Manuka was granted special gifts for healing. Then, discover the wonders of the honeybee and the amazing story of the bees. Learn about the bee community and how bees work with nature for mutual benefit.

Experience Comvita is the only place in the world where, in absolute safety, you can enter a virtual beehive to learn the fascinating facts about bees and nature’s intelligence.

Your journey then leads into the Wellness Room. A place where we are reminded that our busy pressured lives have disconnected us from nature’s wisdom. But...see how it is possible to reconnect with nature to Nourish, Protect, Restore, Revitalise and Share our human wellness and the joy of life.

Experience Comvita. A unique New Zealand story about bees, man and nature.

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